I went through menopause in my late 40s/early 50s following a hysterectomy in 1990. Have always had hair on my upper lip and a little on my chin, but in the last 12 months it has got so much worse. Depilatory creams don't remove it, neither does waxing. I cannot possibly afford professional treatments so I can only shave. I have to do this every morning because, although not long hairs, they are dark and noticeable. In addition I have to shave under my arms every week now instead of monthly. The hair on my legs is longer and on the backs on my knuckles. I also now have long nasal hair. I feel so embarrassed and unfeminine. I saw a female GP who was very sympathetic and she tried to prescribe Vaniqa but was blocked by an Amber warning. She spoke with the lead GP who refused to sanction a prescription because it was not available in Primary Care. It may not work, I understand that, but surely we should be allowed to try it? Are these rules made by men who cannot understand why a woman of 65 should worry about her appearance. I used to be old and fat, now I'm old, fat, ugly AND hairy. I am a very 'up' person, but this is so demoralising. I know Vaniqa won't do anything about the bodily hair, but my face is on show. How does anyone else get it prescribed?