I think I contracted HSV2 about 30 years ago... the day after, a clump of blisters appeared on my penis, I freaked, but after that, I only outbreak maybe once/twice a year, with tingling beforehand, and usually during a very stressful moment. No real pain, and heals in a couple of days. I met a lady (I am a guy) who wants to have a relationship and am investigating Valtrex as a suppression drug.
First, I see people saying they use 1G and 500G pills daily for suppression... this seems to be a big difference... how do you know what dosage to get? My doctor is an idiot.
Second, everything on the internet says even with Valtrex, you are still at least 5-10% contagious from the invisible shedding... so can you people tell me 1) are you using a condom and is it working... how do you know the girl is uninfected... they say girls don't always show symptoms...
2) can u tell me your Valtrex dosage
3) before I knew for sure, I would abstain when I got the tingling and for a week after any symptoms... I never had a problem, Gals never had a problem, but after reading up, it makes me question how this could be true... anyone else in this scenario?
Thank you