I went to my doctor last week for a regular check up but I also had the feeling that I normally get when I have a yeast infection. The itchy, damp feeling, as if my underwear had been rubbing me all day. When she took a look she noticed some bumpy skin around the vaginal opening. She figured it was herpes so I got tested and it came back positive. Only thing is I haven't gotten any of the sores or blisters, just raised skin that is sore to the touch. I still have the feeling now and the skin is still sore but not blisters. I'm not sure if this is an outbreak and if it is should I be taking my medication that she prescribed? Which is valtrex. I don't want to take it if I don't need to but I'm not sure if this is an outbreak or not. Has anyone else experienced this? And would it be a good time to take the medication?