I contracted genial herpes from a boyfriend about 8 months ago & I've had 6 outbreaks since then. When I found out I contracted it, I was prescribed Valtrex and took it for a week which made no difference & allowed my first outbreak to keep me in an unbearable amount of pain & deep depression. I told my doctor it wasn't working & I was prescribed acyclovir which within 2 days cleared up my lesions, but I ended up being allergic to it because I broke out in hives. Since then I have switched back to Valtrex with little to no help with suppressing my outbreaks. From the research that I've done & the people I've talked to with this disease, I've learned it is possible to live without outbreaks. I am just trying to figure out how. I can't move on & deal with the fact that I have to live with this for the rest of my life if I'm constantly reminded that I have it by continuous pain from the outbreaks.