My child is ADHD, we adopted him prior to him being 1 and he comes from a mother and father with many mental health issues. Mom is diagnosed OCD, ADD, mild retardation and schizophrenia. He is slightly developmentally delayed and showed obvious signs of ADHD at around 4 years old but is an overall loving and eager to please child. He was prescribed Procentra to help with the ADHD to help prevent any further delay once in Pre-K. Later, around 5 years of age, he began a serious attachment disorder to my husband. To the point that he has severe anxiety if he isn't with him-to beginning to show anger and agression. He has seen a psychiatrist since he was 4 for precautionary and developmental reasons, so she prescribed him Valproic Acid (Depakene liquid) in a small dosage amount of 1/2 tsp twice a day to help with the mood swings and aggression since it was often shown to us parents and other children at daycare. After a short period he began showing serious aggression, growling, anger, talked of how we were mad at him all the time, showed more anxiety, stomping, snarling, talking of hitting us, then to immediate crying and saying he was sorry. I am wondering if this medicine, at such a small dose, can cause this. He is still on Procentra which works well for his ADHD. But this aggression and anger is now a daily behavior that seems to be worse when his father (whom he has severe attachment issues to) is around. When his dad isn't around, I do not see this anger or agression. I am hoping it could be the medicine instead of some sign of schizophrenia at his age. Any help appreciated!