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How much valerian root should one take to help sleep, does it give "sleep hangovers"?

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DzooBaby 27 Jan 2014

It doesnt usually give sleep hangovers for most people but some people are more sensitive and say they do feel more sleepy in the morning after using Valarian. Follow the directions on the label. Doses can vary greatly depending on how much active ingredient is found in the pills or liquid extract. Be sure to look for "Standardized" forms as these are going to have a guaranteed amount of active ingredient in each dose. Preparations can vary greatly even pill to pill in non Standardized preparations. You may want to check with your Dr if you take any other medications. Dont use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding or if you have liver problems.

Delila 28 Jan 2014

Hi, recommended doses range from 300mg - 900mg when being used to treat insomnia. The dose is dependent on age, weight, etc... I have used it in the past, and never experienced a 'hangover' effect. It can take some time to really notice a benefit with this, so be aware that it isn't going to fix the problem after taking it for a few nights. I think it took about 2 - 3 weeks for me to benefit from Valerian

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endlessPred 11 Feb 2014

Did you try melatonin?

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Rahbin 5 Apr 2018

I drink as tea half HR before bed. 1 tsp seeped for 10 mins- no sweetener.
Always works. No side effects for me. free discount card

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