My doctor prescribed me clindamycin last week for a skin infection on my arm. He also switched my Adderall from IR to XR. Before leaving he warned me about the clindamycin causing a yeast infection. I began both medicines on the same day and have been eating Activia 2x daily.

Yesterday I noticed slight itching and discharge. This morning I woke up with more itching and pain. I’ve been experiencing typical yeast infection discharge/symptoms but I’ve also noticed bouts of excessive watery discharge. Almost as if I’ve wet myself. I bought a 7 day OTC treatment to start tonight because I can’t see my doctor until Thursday.

Ive taken clindamycin without any problems in the past. I’m assuming that's what’s causing this but I’m wondering if the Adderall change could be contributing? I’m also concerned about the excessive watery discharge..