I've never had a problem with vaginal discharge or odor until I got on this pill a month and a half ago... It kinda bothers and me and is unpleasant and makes me really self conscious.
Also, the first month I was on it I got terrible cramps and migraines the week before the placebo pills, which was the week I'm usually normally on my period, and I've never had cramps before and these were awful I felt like I was dying and wanted to go to the hospital. By the end of my menstraul cycle last month I was sick to my stomach throwing up from 3 AM - 12 Noon...

I'm not sure if any of these have happened with anyone else, or what I should really do about it. I've tried to contact my doctor but I was put on hold every time I called for 20 mins and I had other things I needed to get done.

Any advice on any of this or input would be fantastic and very appreciated!!