I thought I had the run of the mill yeast infection (which I am very prone to) and attempted to use a cream I already had. The cream that you apply to the vulva wasn't working, so being a teen I go to my mother who takes me to the drug store. I decide to try an insert so I won't be able to tamper with it out of discomfort. So I we bought the CVS Miconazole Nitrate Insert. I applied the insert at 12:00am just before bed and woke up in vigorous pain around the 3:00am. Like pain I had never EVER felt before (and I have had stomach ulcers throughout my gut, I KNOW pain). I immediately go to wipe and even use a wash cloth. The pain being unbearable, I wake my mom crying who says the medicine needs to stay on to work and accuses me of having an STD. After reading many reviews, obviously something is wrong with the product not particularly me. What do I do to make this burning subside? I almost went to the ER.. Do I go to the doctor tomorrow to treat my yeast infection? HELP.