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Uti treatment?

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DzooBaby 27 Mar 2012

Please add more info on your question. What do you want to know about UTI treatments? Antibiotics are your best treatment once a UTI is going on but there are some things you can do to prevent them. First of all is to stay well hydrated. Water is best. Shoot for 64 oz a day-this will keep the bladder flushed out and the urine dilute. Juice is next best but try to pick ones low in sugarand high in Vitamin C. Many people tout cranberry juice and it is good but it is mainly the Vitamin C in it. Vitamin C keeps bacteria from sticking to the bladder wall. Always wipe from from to back after using the restroom. Using disposable wet wipes after a BM helps keep the area cleaner and the bacteria down. One of the biggest offenders in UTIs is E. Coli which grows rampantly in the digestive tract and is passed into the urinary tract by migrating from the anal area to the vagina and into the urinary meatus or opening and on up the urethra into the bladder. Once it infects the bladder it can travel up the ureters into the kidney and become a kidney infection. If left too long, a kidney infection can lead to sepsis which can be fatal. It is best to stay away from baths especially bubble baths because they can irritate the urinary meatus (opening) and can lead to a UTI. It is also important to use mild cleansing products when cleaning the peri-anal area (the vaginal and anal areas are referred to as peri area or peri-anal area)in your daily bathing. Harsh products and deoderants (including deoderant soaps and sprays) are often too harsh which lead to irritation. If you are sexually active, and female, then voiding (urinating or peeing) immediately after sex is important to flush the urethra, as I mentioned, the peri area can be very bacteria laden and intercourse (sex) can drive bacteria up into the urethra, which is the passage that urine uses to go from the bladder to the opening outside the body, which is very near the vagina. If you can bathe before sex it will help reduce the bacterial load in that area. Oral sex can also introduce a lot of bacteria to the area leading to bacteria from the mouth migrating into the bladder so again, voiding after sex is important. If you are female and enjoy anal penetration with your partner, dont allow a penis or a toy to penetrate the anus then penetrate the vagina unless either using a condom and removing it after anal penetration and before vaginal penetration, or using two condoms and removing the outer condom after anal penetration and before vaginal penetration. This will help prevent E. Coli from entering the bladder. I know this is a lot of frank information but I wanted to give you all of the prevention tips I know. Men dont get UTI's as easily as women so most of my tips pertain to females since their anotomy is more conducive to UTI. I hope I covered what you wanted to know! free discount card

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