Hi there. Last summer I was frequent to UTI's when I became more sexually active. It got the the point where I wears perscribed BActrium for when I felt one going on. Mir worked for most of my fall, winter and spring. Then boom! I got another one about a month ago.
Well after on and off of taking bactium, I still had symptoms that were also on and off. I went to talk to my family doctor, she tested my unrine; negative. Then sent of my unrine to be cultured, that also came back negative. She told me to take a couple more doses of bactium and see. Took it on and off again and it still had those stubborn on and off symptoms again. Came back and my family doctor was on vacation. Her fill in sent me for another cultured. Though the next day... It went away! Two weeks later I felt symptons again and went to a walk in. He asked me if I had weird discharge and I told him it was minimal and white and couple days prior it smelled a little off. No intching though? He figured I messed up my natural bacteria on the anitbiotics and suggested I take one dose diflulcan and get probiotics. He also made me drop off another culture! Got both medications but they gave me a substitute to diflulcan... No name brand similar to canesten. Went away from a couple days and came back 12 hours after intercourse. I went back to the walk in doctor today and he told me my culture came back negative for uti and tested me when I was in there... Both negative! He now is prescribing an
probiotic suppository Through vaginally. He also wrote a perscription to take diflucan again. He assured me I do not have an infection. I'm worried because I have minor surgery in two days and then going away in two weeks. I just want answers! Do yeast infections feel like UTI's?