My mom has OAB, incontinence, 3 UTI's in 12 months. The urologist prescribed Vesicare 10mg three months ago and there has been no relief for her. A second cystoscopy revealed a very damaged bladder and no change in a 3 month period. The doctor gave her two week sample of myrbetriq 50mg to ADD to her treatment. I am just curious why we wouldn't stop one medicine and try another with a "clean" start. I am seeking a professional opinion, although I appreciate "patient testimonial", I have the "patient" already. The current urologist told us to seek a second opinion without our even asking or questioning his findings... I like this doctor and respect his honesty, but is there a point where there just is no solution? Mom is not a surgical candidate due to COPD and Pulmonary fibrosis. I appreciate your time. Thank you.