I am probably like a lot of you here. I have been getting chronic UTIs, normally from intercourse, for many, many years. 8 years ago my OB/GYN refused to treat them anymore, and referred me to a urologist. The uro. did a multitude of tests, 2 dilations, but I kept getting UTIs, at least 4 times a year, which was, admittedly, an improvement. Mercifully, 2 years ago, he put me on 100 mgs of macrodantin before intercourse and 12 hrs post. I had two years without even one uti. Two months ago he said "well, you haven't had a uti for 2 years, and you are getting older, so I want to take you off the macrodantin." None of this made any sense to me and I told him so --I actually begged him not to do this. I was in his office 2 days later (post-intercourse) for a treatment-resistant uti. He couldn't believe it. He had his technicians do 3 ultrasounds before and after the urinalysis. Since then, I got a UTI everytime I have had intercourse without one of the 3 or 4 remaining macrodantin pills. As I type, I have pain, but allegedly no infection and an appointment to see him asap. I have not had any negative effects from this med, so I really don't understand him. He was always my favorite doctor. I never thought that I would be planning on giving him only one last shot, but I am... and I am looking at traveling between 60-100 miles to see if another urologist will give me macrodantin. It is maddening. Has anyone else had this sort of trouble? Are uros ultra-cautious with this antibiotic, as a rule? I thought it was a pretty routine thing. There is only one uro. in my area, but several OB/GYNs. Would it be worth seeing a new OB? I have no relationship with mine... I get a different midwife/nurse every year. I really cannot see how I will enjoy sex if it is going to give me a uti every time I do it, so that seems like a recipe for a failed marriage. Thoughts?