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Urine Test - will zanaflez show in a urine drug test if you took it two days ago?

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kaismama 18 Apr 2013

It won't show if you took it an 1 hr before. They don't test for it, is not a controlled drug.

grneyes77 18 Apr 2013

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer me I truly appreciate it

happybrandee 18 Apr 2013

why would you even worry about this? They shouldn't be testing for it, it is not a controlled drug as far as I know and you can't get high on it so they whould have no reason to test you for it!
But if you don't have a presription for it, then you shouldn't be taking it and if you were taking it just to see if you could get high off of it then you need to get some help! You shouldn't be taking anything just to see what it will do to you! Take what is prescribed to you only and leave the medications that aren't yours alone...

grneyes77 20 Apr 2013

i do have a script for this free discount card

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