So I have been dealing with dysuria (frequent urination) since I was 19. I am a 23 year old female. I had my first UTI at 19. Not knowing what it was, I let it go for over a week and it ended up turning into a nasty kidney infection. I was given antibiotics and it was gone. At this time I was not sexually active. I had a boyfriend but we had not gone all the way then. Since then I have had problems. I have been to the doctor's countless times for frequent urination, burning, lower back pain and so on. Sometimes my urine comes back positive, but most times it comes out negative. I also am on birth control. I use Depo Provera now but back then I was taking the pill. I am now sexually active and my boyfriend and I do not use condoms. I have been on the shot for roughtly 2 years now. I have also had a couple yeast infections over the years. Some that are so bad that they go up into my urethra and I mistake them for another UTI. Today, I had a doctor appointment for a recent UTI which I was treated for but the antibiotics did not work. So I called back and explained I was still having symptoms and my doctor said my urine culture came back negative so it was not a UTI but he felt a vaginal culture was a good idea. About a week before today I started having burning around the vagina, and really bad itching. Also, my urine was bubbly and little white crumb like things were all over my clitoris and inside me. I figured it's a yeast infection. I tried Monistat and even the old fashioned yogurt trick which usually helps but it didn't. Well, today my urine tested a trace of chlamydia. I really am positive my boyfriend is not sleeping around. He's not viewed as attractive by many women. And he works a ton and I can confirm he works because other people he works with tells me he works long hours. I don't think he has it because he never said anything was bugging him. My doctor mentioned that some people its very rare have the organism chlamydia in their body naturally and make too much of it. He looked at me and said there was some yeast which could be why I was having the problems but it wasn't too bad. The symptoms have gone away on their own now. They started going away yesterday before I even seen the doctor. Which usually happens, then I feel like a liar because by the time I see a doctor I'm fine. They did a PAP test today too but I am meeting with a urologist next week and if nothing comes out then he wants me to see a gynecologist. I guess right now their just trying to figure out what organism it is that keeps causing the constant dysuria. I am at a loss and I am so frustrated by this. I see a doctor a few times a year for this. And when the urine comes back negative, it's like ugh, you can't be serious. So if there's anyone in the health world who may have some insight on this, please let me know. Also, I don't have any vaginal discharge nothing abnormal, I am not on any medications other than depo, I have a family history of cervical and ovarian cancer, but have had the shots that are supposed to prevent that.