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Urinary Tract Infection - what are the symptoms of uti and can it b mistaken for trich?

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kaismama 3 Jun 2012

Some of the symptoms can be the same, however if a culture of the urine is done, they can tell if its coming from that. A trich smear can be done too. A UTI will cause burning when you urinate, frequency of urination and urgency. It can also cause bladder spasms and pain in your lower pelvis. Trich can also cause burning on urination, but it would cause a thin discharge that is clear, white, yellow or green. Alot of times tho trich has no symptoms at all.

Lisa01 4 Jun 2012

I just wanted to add to Kaismama's response (which was excellent by the way) that you might not experience a burning sensation necessarily. I had a very severe UTI and really waited too long before going to the dr because I thought I would surely have that burning sensation during urination and I didn't. Just bad pressure, the constant feeling of having to go, and finally the pain drove me to the dr.

Inactive 3 Jun 2012

To KaisMamas excellent answer, I will add this. If you have Trich, it can cause a UTI and also symptoms of a UTI and a yeast infection all rolled into one. In a urine sample, they check for presence of white cells, they don't always culture it, but they should, as 3 organisms that cause UTIs are treated with one med, the 4th will not respond to regular meds to treat it and you I'll need a different antibiotic, if the 4th organism caused it. The discharge from a Trich infection almost always smells like fish, hate to say that, but it is true and it also irritates the urinary tracts, causing just the symptoms, or an actual UTI. You will have to have a swab and culture done to check for Trich, I don't think most labs check for it in a urine sample. Trich is a protozoan and it needs to be treated as soon as you get it, both partners must be treated with a med called Flagyl, and it often causes a yeast infection, so, if you know you have Trich, or suspect it due to an odor like fish, please get the flagyl, and get your partner some, DO NOT DRINK ALCOHOL WHILE ON FLAGYL, you will puke violently if you drink on it, and ask for 2 diflucan tablets, one to use mid treatment with flagyl and one to use right after you treat. BV, or bacterial vaginosis, is a condition that can be caused by one of at least 6 bacteria, or the Trich bug. Some odor from discharge can be caused by this over growth of any of these bacteria, but only the Trich will cause a distinctly fishy smell. Trich is highly contagious to sex partners and you can NOT have sex while being treated for Trich, you must finish the meds, get checked again, and get cleared, then you can resume sex relations again. So long story, short answer, Trich can cause uti's and UTI/yeast symptoms. A swab must be checked to confirm Trich and flagyl is the med of choice for it, but you will likely need some diflucan to keep a yeast from setting in. Best of luck, patti free discount card

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