I have had some problems with UTI's through my teen years. I got my first one around the age of 13, and then not again until I turned 16 when I began taking the Pill. I'm now 20 and am still dealing with frequent UTI's, sometimes between 5-10 per year. I noticed they seemed to hit after engaging in sexual activity and I developed a very compulsive ritual to use the bathroom, wash/bathe prior to sex, and then afterwards I immediately jump in the bathroom to pee, wash off (if not a full bath), and drink a full bottle of water. It seemed to work, except now I'm seeing this happen with what I drink. I'm not a frequent drinker, but being in college I do seldomly drink alcoholic beverages. I've steered clear of sodas and sugary juices because if I have too many of those in a row, I'll develop early signs and discomfort. Last night I had a few rum & coke's and stuck with 1 soft drink type and 1 alcohol type to keep things simple and I woke up with a BURNING UTI this morning. I can't often see the same doctor being in a different location for college, and many practitioners often doubt that I know if I'm truly experiencing UTI's. I was wondering if there's any medication they can prescribe to PREVENT this from happening, rather than have the discomfort of a UTI coming on full-force and I have to wait hours, or days, to get an appointment to clear up my infection. Any suggestions on what I can discuss with my doctor on my next visit?