... antibiotics. The 2nd time I had another infection in one month's time. I always have the urine cultured to make sure I am on the appropriate antibiotic. I am allergic to Penicilin, all dirivitives, and Macrobid. I came down with another infection today and am feeling quite discouraged. I fear becoming antibiotic resistant. Cystoscopies and kidney ultrasounds are normal. I am not sexually active. My hygiene is compulsively impeccable. I swill water. I take 1,000 mg of cranberry concentrate 2x a day. I use vaginal premarin 2x a week. I wear a pessary that I am meticulous about in terms of cleanliness using only antibacterial soap. Help. Anyone have any suggestions for me. I fear that even my urologist will give up on me. I am seeking suggestions and people who can relate to my predicament. Oh yes, I had achilles tendon surgery and my orthopedic doctor does not want me taking Cipro or Levoquin. Any ideas for me? :o(