... looking for help and support through this tough time.

I started dating my boyfriend in September 2014 and have been having recurrent UTI's ever since. I have had them in the past very rarely (one, maybe two a year) but am now having minimum one per month, if not more.

I went to one urologist who basically told me it was normal and to keep taking antibiotics in the hope it will eventually pass. I couldn't accept that answer and went to get a second opinion from another urologist yesterday.

He is performing a cystoscopy next Thursday to check for anything wrong internally with my urethra or bladder (very nervous for this, anyone have advice or know what its like?).

He also told me he has had cases where with one partner women have no UTI's and then they end up switching to someone else and they get them all the time. So I asked the obvious question, will this always happen to me with my current boyfriend? I got the dreadful answer, yes.

I burst into tears the whole way home and wondered how I was meant to tell my boyfriend. I don't know how I feel about this always happening with him, nor do I think it is fair for him to have sex with me knowing I will most likely get another infection and be in pain.

He took it pretty well and said he would stay by my side no matter what, but has this happened to anyone else?

I was prescribed a low dose antibiotic to take after sex to help prevent a UTI and I have been on and off Macrobid for months now.

Has anyone else had this before? How did you cope with it? What helped/didn't help?

I am so depressed over this and don't even know what to do with myself anymore.

Anything helps