Trying to get some sort of answer out of all of this. 3 weeks ago I went to the doctor having what seemed like symptoms of UTI. Bladder pain, pelvic pain and some burning. Results came back and came back positive so she put me on a antibiotic. 2 days later I had the Most excruciating burning pain i had ever felt. I went to ER. There i was confirmed uti, also bacteria infection and yeast infection. No STD came back negitive. Started 2 other antibiotics. Still 2 weeks later no relieve from this intense burning pain. Feels like my vagina is on fire. I went to the OBGYN 2 days ago he said there is no sign of any infection so put me on steroids which may have helped slightly. But he is at a loss too and told me to go see a urologist so i have app. Friday. Im trying to google all symptoms. Internal cysistis came up the only things is im not having alot of pelvic pain its just burning not just when i pee but all the time. It constantly feels like raw skin being scorched with an iron inside my vagina and a little on outside. Please if there is anyone who may have some insight on what this ??could be it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.

Just fyi i did suffer from uti alot when younger. But after taking antibiotics it always went away.