I am produce kidney stones (calcium) all the time. My stones can grow as large as stack-horns.Thank you for your prompt respond. My condition is hereditary I have been suffering as a pathological kidney stone producer since my 17th. year and I am 59 now. It seems that my kidneys are very porous and calcium deposits in its cavities easy. My sons have passed stones as well. I have taken Uralyt-Urato years ago but not in a constant basis, thinking that I had to take it when a stone started to move. I will try it again.
I have another question: My youngest son (27 yrs old) just had a bad epidose of kidney stone and still have 2 more stones in his kidney. He also suffers from Adult HDAD and takes meds for that Retaline and the meds to balance him out. Would Uralyt-Urato react to any of those meds?