My urologist prescribed Uribel for my IC. She knows I take a "cocktail" of anti-depressants: Celexa, Welbutrin, clonazapam and mirtazapine.

To cope with the current flare and pain I have added Prelief and CystoProtek. She was aware of the Prelief. I just found CystoProtec. I wanted to take a Uribel tonight but I have fears about drug interactions and the Uribel has a very unpleasant odor, which put me off.

Can Uribel block the the anti-depressants from working? I take the Welbutrin in the morning, 150 mg xl. Everything else is at night:
40 mg Celexa
.05 mg clonazapam
15 mg mirtazapine

I would like some relief from the pain, there is no infection, just pain. I also drink an herbal liquid made by boiling "bladder Be Well Tea" it has juniper and marshmallow root in it..

I also added Nature's Way Kidney Bladder capsules, ginger root, marshmallow root, uva ursi and goldenseal root, 2 pillls 3x per day. I am careful to read all the interactions and so far this combination has worked, off and on. I am eating a low acid, anti-histamine diet. Sometimes I am pain free and sometimes I am irrittated or in pain.

I am going for a CAT scan on Wednesday and a scope of my bladder next week. As you can probably tell I am feeling a little overwhelmed by the constant vigilance I have to keep up regarding the bladder pain, it's exhausting me.