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Why isn't Uribel on the Medicare approved list for Part D recipients? Why isn't the $40 coupon avai?

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endlessPred 12 Sep 2012

Whenever you need a medication not covered by Medicare you need to talk with your physician. Your doctor may have a different drug to use or can write a special request to Medicare to continue your medication.

Why drugs go in and off the formulary is up to Medicare. Let your doc know and see if that helps.

As for a coupon, that is something to check with the drug manufacturer.

kaismama 13 Sep 2012

Oh, you're the one to ask this, my client told me today that medicare wouldn't pay for her prednisone??? Can that be.

endlessPred 13 Sep 2012

No that is crazy talk. lol. Medicare copays are very cheap for prednisone. In fact the copay cost is set higher than the med cost depending upon the dose. Mine costs $2.60 for thirty days of 20mg for 60 pills.

I do have secondary part D insurance. Even out of pocket or through target or Costco it is very cheap. She must have misunderstood or didn't have her card registered properly.

kaismama 13 Sep 2012

There are several reasons why any drug isn't covered. The cost is exorbitant, and there are cheaper drugs available, there is no proof its effective, or it has many side effects. This is a combination drug and I would bet they'd pay for the meds as individual pills.

jmccurdy 13 Sep 2012

The cost wasn't that bad at Costco I got it for $66 for 30 day supply. Best part is it works great for Interstitual cystitis or chronic cystitis. so of course I will pay for it.
It is alread generic because the drug has been around according to my pharmacist for many many years. An it was approved by the FDA 3 yrs ago for IC.
The company offers a $40 coupon for each month supply the big BUT is that Medicare has not put it on it's approved list for Part D Medicare Plans--probably an oversight. I did email Medicare and Star Pharmaceuticals to ask why ithe coupon can NOT be used by Medicare individuals even of they pay cash
An no if you no the pain with Interstitual Cystitis when something old is being tried to help you probably have tried all other drugs in your doctors arsenal

kaismama 13 Sep 2012

I've never heard of an insurance telling you you can't use a coupon. The only thing I've seen is that coupons can't be used if you have insurance paying for the med, because you can't use it with a copay, but when the insurance isn't paying it shouldn't be involved. I would contact my part d carrier and ask about it, if I were you.

Inactive 13 Sep 2012

Hello jmccurdy. I agree with the above statements. You might ask your doctor to perscribe you a generic. If that is at all possible, then your problem is solved. Good luck and best of wishes, pledge

jmccurdy 13 Sep 2012

Thanks but the drug is manmany years old and BEEN GENERIC for long time. Doctor has tried all he can

Inactive 13 Sep 2012

Very good I understand jmccurd and thanks for the info/update. Have a great day.

rshoultz 25 Aug 2017

Here's what the feds have to say about manufacturer coupons related to Medicare and other federal healthcare programs (and the Anti-Kickback Statute): "While copayment coupons provide an immediate financial benefit to beneficiaries, they ultimately can harm both Federal health care programs and their beneficiaries. The availability of a coupon may cause physicians and beneficiaries to choose an expensive brand-name drug when a less expensive and equally effective generic or other alternative is available. When consumers are relieved of copayment obligations, manufacturers are relieved of a market constraint on drug prices. Excessive costs to Federal programs are among the harms that the anti-kickback statute is intended to prevent. The pharmaceutical industry is aware of the anti-kickback statute and its application to copayment coupons. Copayment coupons typically bear a statement that the coupon may not be used by beneficiaries of Federal health care programs." free discount card

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