My loved one has been on Suboxone for over 3 years. He recently broke his tailbone and is having some pretty severe back pain. He has decided not to take the Suboxone for a couple of days and take some pain meds (Lortab 10/500) he was given at the ER. He then is going to continue taking the sub as soon as he runs out of the pain meds.
Is this dangerous? I am trying to talk him out of it. He has had an addiction to pain meds hence the subs. He thinks he can just go back and forth like this with no problem. I am VERY concerned!! Please anyone that can give me some insight or some good reasons to tell him so he won't do this would help so much.
Thanks to everyone in advance. He's so hard headed that it would really help to have some back-up from people that know what they're talking about. Obviously that's not me. Thanks again.
Your friend,