On Thursday, Sep 14, my partner and I had sex. Once he was finished and pulled out we realized that the condom was stuck in my vagina. We were both drunk and didn't really think about it until the next morning when we went off to work. I ran to the drug store and bought the Italian version of Plan-B. I took it right there. When I got home, 1 hour later, I ran to the bathroom and pulled the condom out. Sure enough, there was some sperm in it.

I had taken Plan-B a year ago and my period came the following day, but this time something felt different. I had some stomach pain, but no bleeding or spotting. It is now Sep 17 and I still have not gotten y "period" or any spotting. I am worried that because i removed the condom after taking Plan-B, some sperm managed to fertilize an egg. But I was not ovulating. Is it possible for me to be pregnant? I have been feeling odd, maybe just my paranoia. I have been getting slight cramps... I just don't want to risk waiting till my next period to know if I am pregnant or not, since this is something I obviously want to avoid.