I was diagnosed by a local ortho practice almost 2 years ago with degenerative discs disease in my lower back. The pain has reached a point of almost constant intolerability yet it is helped tremendously by prescription pain meds. The practice I have been seeing has been very compassionate and understanding and I have only requested medications when the pain was really bad, not on a consistent basis. I've had three injections in my lower back for very little relief and not lasting more than a month or so at most. I recently went to see the practice and was referred to a "new" specialist that handles their spinal issues in that I have had the injections. The doctor wrote me a prescription that was, as usual, very helpful in managing my pain levels. I would say I am a 6-7 on the meds and able to function well enough to feel good about myself. Without them, I'm a 0-3 at best. I went to see the "new" doctor and let him know that the only thing that had given me any relief was prescription pain meds. He checked my late 2009 MRI and ordered a new on which I have since taken and "had" a follow up with him this Friday (tomorrow). I ran out of medicines on Monday of this week after taking them as prescribed. I called Tuesday and requested a refill since I was again experiencing a lot of pain (meds where 5mg/500 Hydro, 3-4 times a day as needed). I was shocked when his medical assistant said that he would not call in medicines and I could take Advil or Aleve with over the counter Tylenol until he saw me on Friday. I told her that I was on Etodolac for anti-imflamtion and that I had been told NOT to take additional anti-imflammatories. I was shocked when she responded that "Well Tylenol is an anti inflammatory!". I tried to educate her a bit but she said well this is what the doctor has said for your to do and he's not calling anything in until he has a chance to see you on Friday. She said he does not call in meds for patience he has not seen or written a prescription for before. I said, he has already seen me AND written a prescription for pain and called in muscle relaxants and has anyone looked at my file? I went on to ask if he would call in a three day supply until I could see him AGAIN to which she said he does not do that. I said 'so in the meantime I'm just supposed to suffer unnecessarily?". I said, it's not like I'm NEW to the practice or walking in off the street asking for an unreasonble amount to which she said there was nothing she could do I would just have to wait. I was furious and sent and email to the "concerns" deparment outlining the above along with reporting it to the Clinical Director. Apparently it pissed off the doctor and he sent a certified letter today saying he would not be able to treat me. My question (sorry it took so long but this is unbelievable!): His letter did say he would see me for emergencies for the next 30 days as a courtesy (such a courtesious person and all!). MAIN QUESTION: Do I go in tomorrow and ask for pain meds? Would he have to prescribe them? The thought of suffering another day is unbearable!!! I do not want to suffer why I try to find a doctor that cares more about me and my well being than his ego. I also don't want to waste my time sense he is abviously mad at me for calling him on his BS if he does not have to write me a prescription. Thanks everyone for your help. I am about a 6-7 and able to function well enough to feel good about myself on the meds and about a 0-3 without them.