I was subscribed wellbutrin XL (150mg) about a year ago. I take it once a day along with 40mg of lexipro for severe depresseion and anxiety.

A couple days ago (like an idiot) I decided to try and smoke the wellbutin. PLEASE DO NOT LECTURE ME ON DRUG ABUSE - this thread is for help only please (and I plan on NEVER doing this again). I ended up smoking on the order of 11-12 pills.

I have been unable to eat for the last 3 days. If I eat I always throw up. I also have painful chest congestion/phlegm and my throat hurts in a specific place.

Mostly i'm worried i've damaged my lungs and/or throat with the vapors. Is this possible? Also, is it possible to be poisoned by this amount - if so can I safely wait it out at home?

Please get back to me quickly.