was on percs for a yr or more... then doc pres subs ( 25mg per day?) he got down to 2 mgs a day about a yr ago..then relapsed ... 6 days ago he was taking 2mgs 4x per day..sometimes less sometimes more but most recently 8 mgs a day cut into 4 pieces. He went cold turkey 5 days ago... all the normal stuff (symptoms) on here until last night twitching, restless, can't sleep, crying ( not him) exhausted and jittery, restless leg and major back and neck, leg aches.
I still have about 12 mgs left in the house hid... I am not sure what to do?
His doctor ( he sees Friday) doesn't know he decided to do thisnow. I didn't know ANY of this was ( percs or subs)going on until about 2 mos ago and he then planned to quit in January but moved it to 6 days ago... he wants OFF EVERYTHING BAD. He has a very physical job and is supposed to return to work tomorrow. I need ROBERTS HELP if you are out there. Please post. Thanks to you all.