I had been taking Suboxone 8mg for the last 30-45 days maybe two/three times a week. Then March 20th (give or take a day) till March 29th (7 to 10 days) I ended up taking the Suboxone almost daily, if not daily. March 29th I abrubtly stopped because of being ordered to go in for a uriary drug screen at Labcorp by April 8th 2011. I am on a few other meds which are prescribed and they are; Metoprolol 25mg (a beta blocker) twice daily, Adderrall 10mg (dexto-amphetamine) twice daily, Ultram 50mg (non-opiod pain reliever) 8 pills daily and Klonopin 1mg (anxiety pill) daily. Will these medications effect how rapidly/slowly the suboxone leaves my system? If they slow how rapidly the suboxone leaves my body then I'm guessing it would be from my metabolisim, my medications: Ultram (as it slows my digestive system down and causes me constipation) and possibly the Klonopin. Here are a few physical details about myself to possibly help answer this question. I'm a 33 year old Male, 5'11, 187 pounds and not very active because of anxiety issues. How long should it take to be out of my system... if they even check for it. Also this isn't a court or probation ordered drug screen, just a screen ordered by my Psychiatric Doctor.

(1.)Will it show up on a 7, 10, or 12 panel drug screen? (2.)Between now Tuesday 4/5/2011 and Friday 4/8/2011 when should I take the urine screen according to the information above? (3.)What can I do to help clear out my system?