Happy New Year Friends! I'm leaving for an Asian vacation and Malarone has been prescribed because we'll be in jungle and river areas. Because I have a sensitive stomach, I've gone from being excited to dreading the trip! Nausea, vomiting and diarrhea experienced a fair number of users doesn't sound like much fun while touring. Instructions even say if you can't keep the first pill down, (taken with food or milky liquid,) take another! In addition, ALL antacids, ALL, listed by brand name, are contraindicated with this med. The med must be taken two days before entering mosquito country and continued for a week after returning home. There are some reports of individuals remaining quite ill with GI symptoms for weeks afterwards. My husband has IBS so I am concerned for him as well. I'm as terrified of this bottle of pills as I am Malaria! Just kidding there, but hoping someone can tell me what to really expect-and fast!! I leave in 48 hours!! Thanks everyone.
Your friend,