Needing urgent advice. My father has recently started loosing his hair, it doesn't run in the family and he is on prescription drugs. But I'm unable to find hair loss in any of their side effects. It's blocking up plughole and only started February this year and he's lost well over half. Please help guys. He has always had unusual bumps on his scalp which he is embarrassed with. And so wanting to get to the bottom of it as it will make him self consious and embarrassed.
His meds include sertraline 50mg although he only took 3 of these then stopped but it does seem around the same time as the hair loss. Also cocodamol 30 mg. No more than 6 Dailey but he's been on. These years now.Blood pressure ramipril 5mg & for Cholesterol atorvastatin 20mg. Both of which he also started around the same time as the hair loss.
Please someone giz some advice as 8 cannot break it to him