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Urethral Stricture with Infection - why this condition is given a tramadol?

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kimmie1 11 Sep 2009

What I just read on the Drugs A to Z on this web site, I am not sure I would take tramadol at all. You should ask your doctor this question really... You might want to read up on this medication. I hope this helped a little as I am not a physician. Dave on this site (mpvt) is very knowledgeable... Good luck...

Flicker_Jab 12 Sep 2009

I've been using Tramadol for about a year. I use it non-recreationally, and when I first started using it, I didn't really care for the effects. As time went on though, I got to a point where I didn't need to take it daily, to be able to take two 50mg Tramadol tablets in the morning and not feel great. If you take two or three of the 50mg tablets and have a physical outdoor job, it will greatly benefit you. I could, however, see Tramadol negatively affecting a Sales Rep or most other indoor jobs, unless they could correlate with anything mindless and repetitive. Programmers would probably LOVE it. It's not something you want to take at night.

I'm 240lbs, the step to 150mg from 100mg on Tramadol is HUGE at my weight. 3 of the 50mg pills will make you feel almost slightly incapacitated, but functional. Like I said, the pain is relieved, but it's not a recreational drug. I think it would help with a dick infection, personally, and think it's a good prescription. Unfortunately for you, the doctor decided to prescribe something that's absolutely non-addictive. Tramadol is the least addictive drug I've ever taken, I'd categorize it by addictiveness behind Soma (Cardiasoprol) , but make no mistake, Tramadol is a much more powerful drug (and different kind of drug) than Tramadol. I hope I helped you with the answer.


Flicker Jab

Flicker_Jab 12 Sep 2009

correction - Tramadol is much more powerful than Soma, sorry. Long day ~ free discount card

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