I had a stroke and fell and hit my head i knocked myself unconscious for 6hours and from laying in one spot for so long i got compartment syndrome in my right left, I also pinched my sciatic nerve in my spine and I was in a major hospital for 3 weeks now I'm in a physical therapy hospital and therapy is getting 10 time more intense so I am getting my meds increased tomorrow. I've tried ms contin at 90mgs a 60mg pill and a 30 that didn't help I was still in pain. I also tried 75mg ms contin and and 25mcg fet patch and that didn't work either. I am on 60mg oxycontin every 8hrs with 30 mg roxy for breakthrough every 4hrs. Ive had pain everyday so I feel like the oxycontin isn't working or the roxy I want to be switched to 80 mg oxycontin and a 50mcg patch or try out opana at a 40mg dose and put on a 50mcg patch and I want to keep my roxy for breakthrough or maybe find something new that is stronger. Any suggestions on that? They do have opana instant release too I'm just not sure on the conversion of 30 proxy to opana. Please help people I need any and all input on what to do to get my pain under control.