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Upper Respiratory Tract Infection - What can I do to treat my 4 yr old child for uri at home?

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kaismama 18 Sep 2012

You can call her doc and ask what is recommended or ask your pharmacist what is best for that age. There are cold medicines specifically for children, but its early and I can't even think of the name. Saline drops in the nose help with congestion.

Inactive 18 Sep 2012

Hello Trebbemelissa. I am not a doctor/nurse but I'd either contact a doctor or take her in to see a physician. Regards pledge

Inactive 18 Sep 2012

I tend to agree with Pledge on this one. These things can get out of hand quickly with little ones. Better to be safe than sorry...

endlessPred 18 Sep 2012

I agree it is time for the doctor. No need for your child to suffer needlessly. If there is green gunk, strong coughing, high fever, see someone right away, ok? free discount card

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