I was on 50mg of Sertraline for a month and then I was on 100mg for a month and my stomach was still tightening up so I felt like I couldn't get a breath & I was also quite depressed from anxiety. So I was upped to 150mg and have been taking that for 4 days. On the second & third days taking it I felt great. No stomach tightness for the first time in months! But then today it seems to be back full force. :S (Although I have not gotten depressed at least)

Im the kind that gets scared & loses all hope very easily with my anxiety. (Please try not to freak me out with your reply) When it went away I was SO happy. So I am obviously quite disappointed, but also fearful because the symptoms came back. I really want the Sertraline to work and not have to switch meds. It worked nicely for me in the past. Should I be panicking yet because I had my symptoms back today? Any other good advice? Thanks so much.