Srarted on Zoloft years ago for panic disorder.. it worked great for 20 years ,then it quit working. Then I was switched to Lexapro (Very smooth taper the first time) for about 6 months and also added mirtazapine. I, thought the lex wasn't working so switched to Prozac. That was two weeks of hell! Switched back to lex, had to start at 10 mg, then 15mg, now 20 in the span of 3 weeks. Before I switched to prozac I was on 30mg of lexapro. Now I'm feeling awful! Jittery, So much anxiety I now have to take xanax more and more and can barely eat (which crashes my blood sugar and makes panic worse). Will this ever get better? Really desparate for some encouragement. So jittery and appetite is crap! Please help! I guess I just have to keep taking Xanax until this settles, but I hate doing that! Any advice, words of encouragement would be great. Please don't warn me about Xanax because I already know it's bad but there is no other way I can cope right now. Please help!