As many of us here have had really bad side effects I thought I should post something after starting it on 9/6 and now it's been 25 days. The dizziness slowed down a lot and even some of the stomach problems eased but none of feeling bad went away or feeling flu like symptoms.
Last night I remembered I had 2 of the old OC Oxycontin left. I am sick and tired of feeling that way with less pain relief also. A lot less pain relief.
I took one of my 40mg OC Oxycontin late yesterday afternoon around 5:30PM. I didn't take any Percocet as I've been doing with the other since seeing my doctor last Friday.
She ran tests to see if I could have any viral or bacterial infection to explain the flu like symptoms or stomach problems.
In less than 2 hours I felt like a brand new person and the pain level I had on the new OP Oxycontin was around 8 when on the old OC I could get down to a 4 or 5 which hasn't happened once on this new OP Oxycontin.
My pain level went down to a 5 and I felt better than I have since I got sick on the new kind on 9/14 and a lot more pain relief.
I stayed up later than usual because I felt so much better and wanted to enjoy it. I didn't take any Percocet until after 12:30AM along with my other bed time meds. I didn't feel as if I needed it and really wanted to concentrate on how the old formula was making me feel again.
I know I can't get the old back but after being Purdue Pharma's guinea pig for so long now, I just had to know for sure that all my symptoms were related to the reformulation of the new OP Oxycontin and all of them are.
I see my doctor on Monday and am asking her to put me on the Ethex version which hasn't been reformulated.
I still implore anyone experiencing bad side effects on the OP Oxycontin to call Purdue Pharma and the FDA.
After reading on an online search how the junkies have already figured out how to abuse this new formula with some deadly results I feel Purdue should go back to the old kind as many medications are abused; not just Oxycontin.
If the junkies/abusers are already cutting this form open and having dangerous consequences (one death reported online from a woman whose brother would take them on occasion taking the new kind recently and never woke up the next day) who are we protecting here? Nobody.
The true chronic pain patients are suffering so badly and we need the medication that worked and didn't make any of us so sick back.
Please feel free to post your own experience with this change and any side effects that you or a loved one is having as a true chronic pain patient.
Also call Purdue to let them know what is going on along with the FDA.
I would also suggest emailing/writing to Purdue listing all of your side effects and how the old version worked verses this one so they have it in writing.
In numbers we are strong.