Hello ((((friends)))) ! I wanted to update you all on my Dr, dilemma. I did go to
the new doctor and decided to stay with him but I think I made a big mistake.I am worried because he is very expensive. The follow-up visits are going to be $300 per month. He does not take any form of insurance. I am on partial SSI and am lucky I if I get 800 per month to live on., plus the dr I was with that only wants to do procedures I would not be able to go back as I found out my inurance cancelled due to a missed payment and the lumbar block was 2000., so I would have to pay that first. After the appt with the new guy I was thinking of everything he said and I now big doubts. First he told me he does not write
for methadone (which I been on for years ) because he doesnt know enough about it.ya He ended up giving me oxys 3x pd. It helps but it wears off in 3 to 4 hours. Long term meds works better for me. I thought he was a pain specialist. How can he not know about those types of medications? My pain level is back to a ten most of the time. I have to use my cane again. I have to work. I never felt so desperate. I am trying to be so careful to follow all the rules to a tee. When they do urine tests they actually go in the bathroom with you to watch you. Hey I have no prob giving urines as I have nothing to hide., I feel like Im being treated like a criminal or something. Its the few bad ones that make it
harder for us sincerely in pain patients to get the right care. I made an appointment with my PCP for his advice. Im hoping he knows of something I can do. Thanks for your friendships ^Y^Y^Y^ xo