the excellent results of the trial, with real hope of dancing at my son's wedding this coming Saturday, and possibly giving up the walker. I simply can't face the idea of using a walker to walk my son down the aisle, among other things. Needless to say, it was a failed surgery for whatever reason, and I don't need advice to see another doctor, etc.

My lower back and hip pain, among other pain from all my medical problems has been getting worse quickly for quite sometime. This surgery has put me over the edge. I am simply in excruciating pain continually now. No sleep, can't walk, let alone work out to build back up my stamina, and still having surgical pain (thank you Fibro), after 2 1/2 months! I am going to my PM this week, and need some info.

First, I am lucky as I have NEVER had an addiction problem. Secondly, methadone, the "new" Oxy, and Dilauded do NOT work for me. Tramdol makes me sick as a dog. ( poor dog), I have to ask for something different, but I don't know anything about the new medications out such as Nucynta, Norco, etc., etc. what new meds don't include any of the above mentioned ones that don't work? She's not going to increase my current meds of 60mg ms contin 3X/ day, and breakthrough meds of 10mg oxycodone 3X/day which is really not for breakthrough but a necessity. I'm not going to change anything before the wedding, but since I only get to see her once a month, I need to know.

Thanks for all your understanding and help through the years!