Thanks everyone for all the great advice I received on my last question. I wanted to let everyone know what ended up happening. I've taken to calling it "My Life on the Medi-Go-Round". I know some of you know what I mean. That last medication the pain mgmt clinic put me on almost did me in. I did end up going to the ER and they did admit me. I was there for 2 days. I hate going to the hospital!! It got so bad that I really had no choice. I was so swollen it looked like I was pregnant, about to give birth. One of the side effects of that med was intestinal bleeding and they told me if I had of waited even another day I would have been in real trouble. So they admitted me put in the good ole ng tube (my favorite... NOT) so that my very inflammed intestines could rest. They also wanted to try and get my pain under control since it was pushing my vitals so high. Well it took a couple of days but I am doing much better now.
I was also extremely depressed (who wouldn't be right?) so they decided to put me on an anti-depressant. Hence my quick question. They gave me Cymbalta and I'm not opposed to taking it but am wondering if I REALLY need it or if I was just so depressed because of the 5 medication changes in 3 months. What do y'all think? I'm open to any and all suggestions and/or comments. Thanks everyone!!
Big hugs,