Hello Everyone, its been a long time since I've posted. I've been dealing with a very painful and difficult situation with my left arm which has greatly restricted my mobility with that arm and hand. I found a pain mgmt doctor who is really covering all the the bases. I've also taken some pretty bad falls in recent weeks. That is also part of the reason for my absence. I took a header across my living room floor and jammed my head and neck into the chair. That sent me to the ER. I suffered a strained neck and back. If anything is gonna happen, I will find a way for it to happen to me. This was only 5 days before I saw my new Dr. CT scan showed everything in my neck was safe which was a wondrous relief.
My new Dr had me go thru a series of xrays last week. He found ostearthritis in my left shoulder which is causing it to freeze up. The ultrasound shows the gaps in the shoulder socket area. He wants to do an EMG next to check for what he feels is nerve damage. If its bad enough, it's off to a surgeon I go. He still feels some of the nerve pain is tied to my fibro but the test will give us an idea.
I've missed being around and will try to be around more often. A special thanks to Headstarter (Mary) and Lisa01 for being so supportive and doing so much for me during my difficult times. Ladies, you're angels in my eyes.
In peace,