Dear Friends,
As you know, I have had a great deal of trouble with my arms. I was uncertain if it involved my neck or it was the fibro. I had seen my doc twice. She put me on Lyrica, 300mg a day on the last visit. It seems to be making a real difference in my life. In the last day or so, I've regained some of the use of my right arm!!! It's not at 100% yet but it is better than it was!! I just wish my left arm would respond like the right one has. It still causes me terrible pain trying to use it. I try doing little things with it but its tough. I'll just have to keep hoping and praying that it will resolve itself some day soon.
You all have been so supportive and caring with your notes and emails. It means so much to me to know I have you all to turn to when things get rough. Thank you just doesn't seem enough.