aloha family, have i missed you. thank you all for being so loving and kind while i was hospitalized. i tried to get on yesterday and for some odd reason it kept saying site could not be found. so here it goes, being in the hospital sure did mess up my taper, i missed quite a bit of doses. but what i did was come home and continued where i left off. im up with some horrible restless leg, arm and heck, whold body syndrome from the taper. apparently my bleeding was a combination of stress related ulcers which were bleeding. so after 2 days of iv fluids and a medication for ulcers i was looking and feeling tons better. my menopause brought on my anxiety/panic/depression full blowm out of controll. where i got to that doomed feeling again. i added estroven to my hormone treatment, and its working, its helped my moods keeping it stable, i havent felt panic/anxiety attacks, gives me energy and keeps the hot flashes away. its wonderfull. i believe that i needed that additive of hormones, and i read up that its not synthetic hormones its i believe i read its from plants and different herbs, ive even noticed some changes in fatigueness. some people i read it helps from day 1, which i believe i was one of them lucky ones, and some takes a week or longer. so from now on that will be added in my morning premarin ritual, estroven. if anyone is suffering menopause symptoms and their hormone treatment doesnt seem to be doing the job, try adding estroven, but if you do that, you have to cut out any multivitamin your taking since it has all that a women needs. best 28 dollars ive invested for months, lol. i bought enough for 2 months. and will by 2 boxes everytime i come down to half a months worth. ii want to thank all of my ohana(family) here at dc for always being there for me and continueously encourageing me to keep trudging forward. i tell you opiate withdrawls are no fun at all. but ill take that and all i have to deal with to live my life again. gonna try and get some sleep again. ttyl, leanne