I went to the referral on the spinal stimulator, and I was really upset because he told me that he wouldn't put one in until I went to a surgeon, as I haven't had any back surgery. Apparently, the 'rules' are that you have to have an unsuccessful back surgery first, especially when you are a surgical candidate!! When I told him that I was not a surgical candidate, he corrected me and told me that I CERTAINLY was! I have never been more shocked in my life. NO ONE had told me. AS many doctors as I have brought all my MRI's to view, not ONE had told me that I might find relief from surgery. Not that I'm too keen on back surgery, but what if it works? Apparently I have levoscoliosis, which means that my spine curves from the sacrum upwards toward my neck!! I also have TWO herniated disks, and four bulging disks all putting pressure on my lower back and my legs. The doctor couldn't believe that I could WALK! Here all this time I thought I was just a big baby not being able to handle the pain.

The doctor will consider me for a spinal stimulator so long as I go to a neurosurgeon for a consult first. I go Thursday. I have always been told since I was a girl, and from many doctors NEVER let anyone cut on your back. Apparently there are many new techniques now, but I am totally confused. Any suggestions, experiences will be greatfully appreciated!