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Unwantet heart beat,uneven heart beat?

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Inactive 3 Jan 2013

Hello shobhitsi. I believe whatever the reason is for your unwanted/irregular hearbeat you see a doctor and find out as soon as possible what is causing your symptoms. This could be serious to say the least. Be safe and well, regards pledge

Inactive 3 Jan 2013

Yes, shobhits! I totally agree with Pledge! Get to our doctor. This could be very seious. I have this do to a mitral valve problem. Not anything to mess around with at all. Good mornig to you Pledge. Hope your New Year is treatig you well... Your friend, Mary

GrandmaKathy 8 Jan 2013

Shobhitsi, some irregular heartbeats can be very serious; others might not be so serious. We cannot discover which is the case for any individual without seeing a doctor. If you start having chest pain, shortness of breath, or think you might pass out please call an ambulance in case it is serious. Otherwise when you call your doctor for an appointment, please tell the person you talk to about the irregular beats and any other symptoms you are having-it might help you be seen sooner, which will put your mind at rest.
... I have irregular heartbeats which are not serious (just so you know, the news might be good news!) But we didn't know until after the doctor did some easy, pain-free tests. I hope you have already been seen by a doctor (it's been 5 days since you posted) but if you haven't gotten an appointment yet please do so right away. In some cases seeing the doctor sooner can improve your recovery. I wish good news for you. free discount card

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