So my doctor put me on Abilify and it seems ever since I went on it I have horrible insomnia. I had been having trouble sleeping full night sleeps prior to being put on this but it seems that after being put on this things are getting alot worse. On top of that I've been becoming more anxious and I have been having bouts of extreme sadness, worry, dread, and feelings of impending doom (I think this is what it is anyway). It's 12:32 am on Dec. 27 wednesday morning, I have slept a grand total of about 2 hours (went to bed about 9:40 am after taking a Unisom sleep aid) and I simply can't sleep. Also the doctor recently upped my dosage and ever since she upped it my insomnia seems to have gotten worse. I haven't been sleeping properly these past few weeks, and it's only been about a month since my doctor put me on this medicine. She claims since the dosage is so low that these symptoms are something else, but I've never ever felt like this before. I had taken a HUGE break off medications following a mess at the beginning of this year.

I'm actually quite scared as I'm not getting sleep, my anxiety is getting worse, I'm actually starting to have minor-mid panic attacks and I simply don't know what to do.