I been on my pill and sometimes id forget 1pill but still take 2 the next day but recently ive been pretty consistent with my pill honestly itll be around the time i normally take it and stuff. I had sex yesterday and before i went over there i took my pill we had sex three times that night 1st time was without a condom and he pulled out (which was not smart i know) the second time he put one on and the third time he didnt put one on and came but not in me... ive read about plan b and im still debating if i should take it since i took my pill an hour/2hrs before i did it but id rather be safe than sorry should i take it?? Any helpful answers id really aporeciate it because ive read about the side effects and im scared but im suppose to come on my period next week so should i wait it out or take the plan b? Because it hasnt been even 24hrs n i can take it if i need to for it to be effective?