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I had unprotected sex Sat & took the morning after pill on monday , could I still be pregnant?

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Inactive 4 Nov 2012

There is a chance but it is unlikely, you have reduced the chance by taking it within the first 72 hours of unprotected relations. Be aware that the emergency contraception pills can cause lots of weirdness with the cycle. Sme report the start early, but most report it delays the next cycle. It does NOT protect against future pregnancies, so later in the week, don't expect it to work if you have unprotected relations again. So be careful. There are condoms and spermicide preparations in all drug stores. Use these until you get on regular birth control. Sigh... I will tell you what I told my daughter, NEVER leave birth control up to the man. Condoms need to be within the expiration date and no use of anything like Vaseline that can cause the condom to break down.

heartless_24 5 Nov 2012

Thank you this really is helpful (:

kaismama 4 Nov 2012

Patti gave you excellent advise. The manufacturer recommends that a regular method of birth control be used, because its not quite as effective as the regular pill. It is intended for things like the condom broke or rape. The large dose of hormones can mess up your cycle for a month.

heartless_24 5 Nov 2012

thank you (;

happybrandee 4 Nov 2012

You are probably going to be ok because you took it within the 72 hour time period that is recommended, but please find a reliable form of regular birth control because this should only be used in an emergency, the the high dose of hormones can reak havock on your cycle and system. Hope all works out for you! free discount card

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