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Had unprotected sex took plan b had unprotected sex 12 hrs later and came in me. Can I be pregnant?

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kaismama 18 Sep 2013

You are not protected by plan B that you took before the sex. Plan b is not made to be used as birth control because you didn't feel like using protection. Get on some birth control.

DzooBaby 18 Sep 2013

Yes, the possibility exists. Plan b is not some magical pill that automatically makes you not pregnant and it certainly doesnt make you "good for a day or two" to keep having unprotected sex!! Plan b is a large blast of hormones designed to prevent ovulation but fertility returns quickly after you take the dose. Plan b is about 80% effective so you have about a 20% chance for pregnancy. At any time in her cycle a woman has about a 15-30% chance for pregnancy so Plan b only reduces your chances slightly. Everyone seems to think Plan b is some magic pill and if you take it you wont get pregnant which is great for the manufacturer. They are making LOADS of money off this pill! Your best bet for protection is a regular birth control pill (or patch or ring) or Depo Provera, Mirena, Implanon or some regular form of birth control to prevent pregnancy before sex ever happens. Birth control pills are 98-99.9% effective!! You dont get much better than that unless you abstain.

dlugo23 18 Sep 2013

Thank you so much for your advice. So even though I took the pill and then had unprotected sex again, there is a chance I might be pregnant. free discount card

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