Ok so the first time I had unprotected sex was Apr.12. I took plan b that night, and the second pill 12 hrs later. Had unprotected sex again on the 14th. Did not take anything for the second time, but started taking my bc pills that night. Had unprotected sex again on the 17th (4 days into bc pills) had sex again on the 21st.(8 days into bc pills) it is now the 24th and I have been feeling nauses and hot flashes for the last 2 days. So what I'm wondering is, if I possibly gotten pregnant between the plan b and being in the first week of bc pills or if the symptoms I'm having is from the plan b and starting the bc pills after being off bc for 4 months.

Just let me add, my partner and I have been together 5 yrs, we already have 1 child together. I'm only taking bc pills to control my heavy menstrual flow, not to prevent pregnancy. I would love to have another child but due to irregular periods I can't tell when ovulation takes place.